Three Free Super Bonuses

The response to the NEATO Landlord Forms 130+ has been so successful that we are including Three Free Super Bonuses to show our appreciation! These Amazing Bonuses are Priceless because they are going to show you how to decrease your properties operating expenses and increase your properties income and value. They are also going to show you how to make your job as a landlord a whole lot easier!

==> Single/Multi Family Cash Flow Analysis Excel Spreadsheet

  • Tab 1 Property Analysis Summary. Contains all calculations as mentioned above. This is the only tab required under most circumstances.
  • Tab 2 Income. Contains information for multiple units.
  • Tab 3 Expense. Contains information for multiple units.
  • Tab 4 Rehab/Capital Improvements. Contains detailed information for a Single family or this tab can be used for multiple units. We recommend duplicating this tab for clarity.
  • Tab 5 Due Diligence. Before you purchase there are several items you need to verify.

NEATO Landlord Forms Mega1 Rental Application PDF and MoreCash is KING! As buy and hold investor you need to know several metrics before you purchase. This EXCEL spreadsheet contains the following calculations: Property Cash Flow; Cash-on-Cash Return; Net Operating Income; Capitalization Rate; Gross Rent Multiplier; Gross Potential Rental Income; Actual Operating Expenses; Funded Reserves; Capital Improvements and many more. The spreadsheet contains an option to be used for a Single Family Home or Multi Family purchase. For clarity this document contains five tabs.

This simple form will help you master the financial calculations needed to increase income, decrease expenses, quickly spot deals and become more confident when it comes to analyzing a property’s true value. A must have!!!

==> Property Management Staffing Questionnaire

NEATO Landlord Forms Mega2 Rental Application PDF and More

So you are considering hiring a property manager for some (war zone?) or all of your properties. Knowing what questions to ask is a large part of finding the best manager for your property.

This document will guide you through the property manager selection process. This questionnaire will help you make an informed decision. Asking questions regarding their experience, their education, their knowledge of legal issues and their results as a property manager will help you determine if they will be the best fit for your investment property.


==> Four Warning Signs of High Risk Tenants

NEATO Landlord Forms Mega3 Rental Application PDF and More

Within the NEATO Landlord Forms 130+ Comprehensive Customizable Collection you will find a telephone script to help you avoid wasting time on non-qualified tenants. However there comes a point when everything seems reasonable. BUT… A landlord should never rely on gut instincts when it comes to selecting the perfect tenant to fill their vacancy. Countless landlords lose thousands of dollars everyday entering into lease agreements with people they know little about.

This document helps you identify and verify the High Risk and Professional Tenant. A must have!