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I found out about these forms from biggerpockets. As a newbie investor I didn’t want to spend $100’s on real estate forms and now I will not. These forms have lived up to their motto — they have proven to be “all I need from to tenant approval to…” Haven’t lost a tenant yet! Thanks neato, great stuff.

-Becky M

When they say “everything a landlord needs from tenant approval to removal” believe them. I am so impressed with the level of detail in each form. I have been investing in rental property for 10 years and I’m not sure how I ever got by without having these forms. Now that I have them I’m recommending the Neato Landlord Forms to all my fellow investors. Please don’t let this pass you by. No need to waste your money buying several different books or CDs, this is the complete package.


I have been investing in real estate for over 15 years and I have run the gamut of tenant issues. You name it…I’ve probably been through it. Neato Landlord forms have helped me improve my business and the services that I offer my clients/customers.


The forms have helped me capture a lot of information and in the world of Landlord-Tenant, information is king, right behind a great location and an excellent attorney. The forms have helped to spark new ideas in how I could make my business better, help me to better protect myself, and offer better products and services to my customers. This of course, will lead to more revenue.


When I decided to lease out my apartment and further decided to sort the paperwork and everything out myself, I quickly felt swamped by it all and found it very confusing, especially all the legal matters and form filling. In fact I didn’t even know where to start.


This was brought to my attention by a friend who had had a similar experience, I was so glad to find this.


I am more than impressed by how vast the collection of information on this was and how much you get for your money.

I am now happily recommending this to all people who are leasing out.

A highly recommended buy!

-Louise Roberts

This is a must have for all and future landlords. Helps to keep things in order. A must have. Thanks AAA+++++


This is the very thing I’ve been looking for to help with my startup business!!! It’s been more than helpful in ease of use and relevant.


And you WILL need it, even if you think you will not. The sheer number of situations that will crop up involving tenants is practically unbelievable. These documents will cover you front, back, sideways, up, down– you name it! I trust Neato, they’ve got you covered with materials that will prevent possible disgruntled tenant lawsuits from succeeding.

-J.Q.L. 4150

It is very frustrating to search the Internet looking for individual forms you need. This product provide a set of forms that will cover any situation I can imaging you will encounter in the real estate business. Great product.

-Willie B

Wish I had this ten years ago! A+A+A+

-Tammy R

I love your stuff. It really helped me! I had a terrible management company which I let go and then ordered your forms on amazon and used it to rent out two properties on MY OWN!!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!!

-John W